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This is to notify to the public that some fraudulent persons have been impersonating our company, Re Sustainability Reldan Refining Private Limited and its Joint Venture Partner Reldan Metals Limited by creating a website using our names and with the ulterior motive to defraud general public by encouraging investment and promising unreal returns. General Public is hereby CAUTIONED not to fall prey to such fraudulent activities.

The genesis of our Company, Re Sustainability Reldan Refining Private Limited traces back to a strategic collaboration between two sustainability powerhouses: Re Sustainability Limited and Reldan Metals Limited. The collaborative journey commenced with the establishment of an advanced processing facility in Hyderabad, India for sustainable waste management services across diverse geographical landscapes. We have further set up facilities in Delhi and Bengaluru.

For the avoidance of doubt, Re Sustainability Reldan Refining Private Limited does not operate any investment scheme, investment idea, invitation to invest, invitation to participate in portfolios, any kind of investment or earning platforms, whether online or onsite. We do not solicit for nor accept money from anyone for investments or to participate in trading activities of any kind.

Re Sustainability Reldan Refining Private Limited and Reldan Metals Limited hereby unequivocally disclaim any affiliation or connection with this fraudulent website which is impersonating us. We urge you to take preventive measures and not to indulge in business or conversation with any person/entity claiming to be us for investment.

Neither we nor any of our employees, affiliated entities, or representatives will solicit any investment from you. We strongly urge you to exercise caution and take preventive measures against individuals/entities/websites impersonating us with fraudulent intentions.

We shall not be held responsible for, and expressly disclaim all liabilities for, damages, refunds, or claim of any kind arising out of the use of, reference to, or reliance on any information contained on the said website and handbills. 

Our official website has always been: 

Links to our other Social Media Websites are:





The Official website for Reldan Metals Limited is:

Links to Reldan Metals’ Social Media Websites are:


These unauthorized and fraudulent persons are misusing the name, trademark, domain name, and logo of Re Sustainability Reldan Refining Private Limited and Reldan Metals Limited. The unauthorized usage of our intellectual property is undertaken with a malicious intent driven by the pursuit of illegal gratification. The individuals or entities engaged in this unauthorized activity are deliberately exploiting our company’s name, trademark, domain name, and logo with the clear intention of obtaining illicit gains. By associating our brand with unauthorized and potentially fraudulent activities, these individuals are seeking to damage the trust and credibility that we have worked hard to establish with our customers, partners, and the public at large.

We want to emphatically state that Re Sustainability Reldan Refining Private Limited and Reldan Metals Limited are the sole rightful owners of the trademark, name, domain name, and logo.

We are engaging with the law enforcement agencies to investigate and apprehend those who are responsible for the fraud. We seek not only to hold those responsible accountable for their actions but also to deter any potential recurrence of such fraudulent activities.

Should you come across any such fraudulent incident or have any information regarding any person/entity asking for investment in the name of Re Sustainability Reldan Refining Private Limited or Reldan Metals Limited (and its associated/affiliated companies), please report the incident to us and assist us in taking appropriate action to curb such mala fide activities.

Please reach out to us directly at: